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Importance of using a period tracking app

period tracking

Tracking periods through a period-tracking app can help you know/track the time of your next period in order to keep your reproductive health healthy.

Women share a very unique bond with their periods; they don’t even like them due to painful cramps, bloating, or unwanted mood swings, however, they can’t even resist them due to their importance to their reproductive health. Furthermore, timely periods are a primary reflection of a female’s hormonal health and the functioning of the female reproductive system. Therefore, a small change in our measured health needs special consideration. How is this even possible?

One of the noticeable ways to know the reproductive health status is the menstrual cycle and periods tracker apps are the most efficient way to do so. Furthermore, it not only helps you calculate the days to your period but also lets you keep track of your ovulation, mood changes, and any changes in your body you experience throughout your cycle. An app is sensitive to the fact that your period isn’t just something that happens a couple of days a month but a whole cycle covering the entire month. Hence, it helps you keep an eye on the overall menstrual cycle.

Diagnosing problems like:

PCOS & PCOD are the most common reproductive health problems that women face not only in ODISHA or India but all over the world. The most common symptom of PCOS & PCOD is irregular periods and continuous delay in periods can make the problem worse and lead to female infertility. Therefore, having an app to track periods can help you know when to book an appointment with the doctor for timely treatment.


A small, butterfly-shaped gland in the placed front of your neck produces hormones that control the way the body utilizes the energy. In fact, hormones affect nearly every organ in your body and manage many key functions of your body one of which is fertility and reproduction. Low levels of thyroid hormone can interrupt the release of an egg from your ovary at the time of ovulation which harms fertility and restricts a woman from getting pregnant. An uneven level of thyroid could also lead to a delay in your periods which can affect reproductive health. The period tracker app can help you to know which doctor to check, whether a gynecologist, fertility expert, or general physician.

Hormonal problems:

Any hormonal issue in the body directly affects women's periods. As hormones are directly associated with a woman's reproductive health. Moreover, there are so many hormones in our bodies that only a doctor knows. However, a period tracker will help you know whether your periods are coming on time or not and the root cause could be hormonal changes which sometimes need treatment.


In simple words, the primary sign of a woman's fertility problem is delayed or irregular periods. Periods Tracker app can help you identify whether your periods are continuously getting delayed or irregular this will further help you to know when to see a doctor. If you are also facing period problems and trying to get pregnant then get in touch with Santaan to treat your irregular periods.


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