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Due to getting married at a very young age, Geeta’s overall reproductive health got weak due to which her ovaries were not able to carry a baby. We did some fertility tests on Geeta and her husband and then gave them medical treatment. Within a year they give birth to a healthy baby.

Fertility tests are so helpful for many couples who have been trying to conceive for years. In most cases, problems are very small and treatable with medication and sometimes only with therapies.

Jhilmil had a very traumatic pregnancy experience , as she lost her baby within 3 months after conceiving in an accident which caused miscarriage. After that she tried multiple times but couldn’t conceive for about 10 years after the miscarriage.
Santaan did some fertility tests on both jhilmil and her husband, and get to know the real cause of the problem , after that santaan team made proper treatment plan and started the treatment process.

Fertility tests are very helpful in knowing the exact cause and the treatment for infertility solely depends on the condition of the patient and their medical history.

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