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Disruptive TLS embryo monitoring

A minimal, time-lapse sensing system that monitors embryo growth at fraction of the cost of present solutions in an IVF lab.
Time lapse imaging has been found to improve pregnancy conversion in IVF by 20% but specialized equipment has significantly added to IVF costs. Time lapse imaging essentially involves a camera inside an incubator to take periodic pictures of the growing embryo to get more insight about the morphological and morphokinetic( Fertility Hub) characteristics of the growing embryo. The present time lapse embryo monitoring solutions are expensive not affordable for a lap in a developing country in India. We are working on a device which would cost a fraction of the present solution enabling periodic monitoring of the embryo from within the incubator itself.



Perfusion enabled cell chamber – with the aim of automating the ivf cycle process from media changing to embryo monitoring, we are working on a bioreactor concept based on the promising microfluidics approach which has many benefits interms of reduced media-handling volumes and better control on the process in realtime.( Fertility Hub)


Sperm Count monitoring device

Controlling semen quality can increase pregnancy success rate up to 20%. Currently sperm count assessment of the sperm happens under a microscope requiring an expensive counter device for manual approximation of the number of sperms in lab settings. To make this procedure easy and less resource intensive, we are in the process of making a sperm counting device which only requires a phone based camera and a microscopic lens module attachment on a normal phone ( Fertility Hub). To automatically count the quick moving sperms in a sample utilizing the good processing speeds available today on most smartphones running our novel algorithm.


Minimal stimulation

A major expense at present in an IVF cycle is the use of stimulants which have to be readily and frequently given to a prospective mother to bring about ideal changes in her body to improve pregnancy rates. However these stimulants have many and requires extensive lab based monitoring. Working with our research team at Santaan, we aim to move towards minimal stimulation which can address this problem and to optimize the protocols and related procedures for best possible results.( Fertility Hub)


Genomic Workbench

We are closely working with our partner inDNA who are developing a HIPAA compliant cloud based  informatics and clinical annotation platform that will translate sequence (NGS) data from a Cancer diagnostic gene panel into actionable report/information for clinicians. The goal is to democratize the use of genomics technologies by empowering physicians to utilize a patient’s genomic profile to improve clinical decisions thus transforming patient care.( Fertility Hub)


Santaan App Cluster

To assist you on the path to parenthood, we are seeking assistance from mobile apps which have done considerable work understanding challenges while conceiving and come up with a service which really helps couples.( Fertility Hub)

Recommended apps

Lifestyle Modification Apps

Fertility Tracking Apps

Fertility Scoring Apps

We will assist you on how to get started with these services and help you stay informed at every step of your journey with us.

To know more about our partner working on fertility score – Advenio

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