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The significance of dental health on pregnancy or fertility cannot be focused on. However, without a healthy mouth, a mother-to-be cannot have a healthy body. It’s a pretty surprising circle of cause and impact. Pregnancy affects dental health and dental health affects pregnancy. Yes, you read it right! It’s very important for a woman to track her oral health while trying to conceive or even if she is already pregnant.

How does dental health affect pregnancy?

Everything that happens in the mouth can affect an expecting mother’s health and fetus. There are a couple of ways in which pregnancy affects the pregnant woman’s oral health. Firstly, gums become more inflamed and tend to bleed or get infected in the expecting woman due to influx and hormonal changes. If not monitored properly, the infection can get into the bloodstream and reach the baby, which could lead to a preterm low birth weight infant.

Furthermore, the reason behind inflamed gums during pregnancy is your eating habits. During pregnancy women, eating habits change drastically due to cravings. Expecting mothers' eating habits are mostly junk food and sugary snacks, which in time could lead to gum sensitivity and infections. Therefore, an expectant mother should not only look after her oral health but also her eating habits.

Dental Hygiene and Fertility

Most interestingly there is not only a close relationship between oral health and pregnancy or fertility in females but also in males. In men, poor oral health can lead to low sperm count and poor sperm ability to swim. In women, gum infection triples the chances of infertility before conceiving.


So for both men and women: take care of your oral health, and you can have better chances of becoming couples to parents. Even after recovering from an infection or problem, if you are still finding difficulty conceiving visit Santaan best fertility center for the root cause and suitable treatment.


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