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Why should you go for IUI?

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is one of the fertility treatments to treat infertility that includes placing a male partner’s sperm inside a female partner’s uterus to ease fertilization. The key motive of IUI is to boost the sperm quantity that reaches the fallopian tubes and eventually boost the chance of fertilization.

This fertility method gives benefits to the sperm to head start, however, the sperm has to reach the egg for fertilization on its own. This treatment is less invasive and less costly as compared to IVF.

Intrauterine Insemination treatment is mainly recommended for those couples who have unexplained fertility, and male factor infertility such as low sperm count or poor sperm motility.

This fertility procedure is easy and can be separated into three major steps:

  • Ovulation is tracked to find the fertile period.

  • Sperm collection and washing of the semen for healthy sperm.

  • Sperm is put straight into the uterus.

Advantages of IUI:

  • This fertility procedure is less invasive

  • It is less costly as compared with IVF, and ICSI.

  • It gives less stress to the body

  • Washing procedure improves sperm quality- this process will vanish problems like prostaglandins, antigenic proteins, infectious agents, immature germ cells, non-motile spermatozoa, etc, as a result of quality sperm. This also reduces the formation of free oxygen radicals after sperm preparation and improves sperm quality.

  • The chance of IUI treatment is very high as compared to regular sexual intercourse.

  • The fertility method is performed with or without transvaginal ultrasound guidance; the doctor places the catheter into the vagina and cervix. The doctor then pushes it through the cervical canal and places it towards the top of the uterus and right or left fallopian tube. At last, the sperm is inserted through the catheter into the uterus.

  • The duration of the treatment procedure is only 15 -20 minutes and later you will stay in the recovery room for 20 minutes.

  • This procedure does not need anesthesia. As it is not painful.


In other words, IUI is the basic fertility treatment for couples who have some identified chances of fertility. To know more about IUI treatment, call Santaan now.

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