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Why do many IVF embryos fail to develop?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

IVF embryos fail to develop, when a fertilized egg does not confirm successful reproduction or pregnancy in humans.

A failed In vitro fertilization cycle can release an immense flow of emotions. As at the time going into the cycle, you felt hopefulness and building excitement, hoping this will be when your family begins, and tension of ‘will it work?’ at the same time. However, the following are the reasons behind IVF embryos fail to develop, which doesn’t mean you cannot get pregnant.

IVF: Chromosomal Issues

Within days after fertilization, most of the embryos stop developing or die, usually due to a defective high number of chromosomes. The majority of these defects, according to new research, are caused by accidental mistakes that took place during DNA replication at the time of the initial stages of cell division.

The penultimate time of cell division, when the two sets of chromosomes separate into two alike daughter cells is the time when mistakes happen according to the researchers. In simple words, a mechanism that divides the two groups of chromosomes, the microtubule axle, was found to be the main cause of most of these failures.

In spite of the fact that the trials with embryos growing in a petri dish, involving those from patients undergoing IVF and egg donors who were not requiring fertility treatment, the same problems may also affect embryos grown during the normal human reproduction process.

Embryo Quality

The key reason why an In vitro fertilization cycle fails is embryo quality. Most of the embryos do not find a way to implant after their transfer to the uterus because they are defective in some way that might have come into notice even in the lab may.

Age of the Eggs

Age of the eggs matters when it comes to In vitro fertilization. Ovarian reserve, which means the quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs, starts to decline as she gets older. This also influences her chances of IVF success with In vitro fertilization.

Lifestyle Factors

Many fertility clinics recommend avoiding alcohol and smoking to the couple at least three months before starting Fertility treatment. Still, many couples don’t follow the instructions which can most of the time lead IVF embryos fail to develop.

Final thought

If you’ve had an unsuccessful IVF cycle that doesn’t mean you can never conceive. Always remember that sometimes it takes a couple of cycles to get pregnant with IVF, as it is an external help to help you conceive naturally. To know more about why IVF embryos fail to develop? then get in touch with Santaan and get ready for your successful IVF treatment.

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