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Ways to Improve Sperm Morphology naturally

Sperm Morphology

‌Sperm morphology refers to the form or shape and size of the sperm. Only the right shape of sperm could reach the egg to fertilize. The sperm of the human male is oval-shaped and has a long tail called a flagellum.

Morphology, though not the only contributing reason, can have a significant impact on male fertility. Some percentage of ejaculated sperm always has an irregular shape, which is normal and may not even affect that sperm’s potential to fertilize with women's eggs. That said, some structural issues can prevent sperm from reaching an egg.

The reason behind sperm morphology issues:

There are many reasons that can lead to abnormally shaped sperm involving–

  • Rise in testicular temperature

  • Vulnerability to toxic chemicals

  • Infection

  • Genetic qualities

The medical term for when a man has a large number of abnormally shaped sperm is medically called teratozoospermia.

Ways to Improve Sperm Morphology:

‌It’s quite possible to enhance your sperm morphology! Male fertility is a challenging issue in which many reasons play a role. Most scientists are firm that fertilization is possible even in cases of serious structural sperm abnormality among high percentages of sperm.

Moreover, just as the body continually strengthens and replaces its cells, it persistently improves and replaces its own sperm. The sperm that’s there today is quite exactly not the sperm that will be there tomorrow, so many lifestyle changes can be made to enhance all your body’s cellular “factories,” involving its reproductive process. These involve the following: ‌

  • Weight loss

  • Quitting smoking, drug use, or too much alcohol

  • Regular workout

  • Eating a varied mix of fruits and vegetables to get as multiple nutrients as you can


In simple words, sperm morphology plays a key role in fertilizing an egg to get a female partner pregnant. If you are facing any male fertility issues then get in touch with Santaan the best fertility Center in Odisha.


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