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Needs to Sperm preservation!

Sperm preservation

Sperm preservation is the most successful way of preserving a man's fertility so he can try and become a biological father to a child or children at a later date.

For instance- when a male can no longer make sperm due to any reason or problem he becomes infertile. He cannot become a biological FATHER. If you are at risk, you must save your fertility through sperm preservation.

Becoming a father may not be on your mind at the moment, however becoming a father someday is obviously somewhere in your mind. But the question is what are the reasons behind preserving your sperm?

The main reason people go for sperm preservation is cancer treatment. Before starting with cancer treatment people preserve their sperm to have a child later. As the medication and therapy used in cancer treatment could lead to reduced sperm quality.

The reasons for sperm preservation include:

  • Age: Sperm quality reduces with age, so you may want to freeze sperm if you are getting aged and want to have kids later on.

  • Medical conditions or treatments: Some treatments or medications, like testosterone medication or sickle cell therapy, can hamper male fertility and the quality of sperm. Therefore, sperm preservation is needed.

  • Occupation: People with high-risk jobs, like those in the army, can preserve their sperm to make it available to them or their partners in the future. Not only uncertainty but also exposure to some chemicals used in explosive items can also lead to no sperm count.


The two key fertility treatments– Intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF) can be used to fertilize an egg with preserved sperm. The success rate depends on the age and fertility health of the female partner along with the quality of the preserved sperm. Therefore, when a sperm sample is collected, its quality is tested before storing it for the future.

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