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LOW AMH and pregnancy

LOW AMH : Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) is a hormone that is produced in the female reproductive system. The follicles in the ovaries make this hormone. The more eggs you have the higher levels of AMH hormone will be.

However, the AMH levels reduce as women age, which means that the eggs get decreased over time. Although, there are other causes of low AMH levels like consumption of alcohol, smoking, unhealthy diet, and other genetic reasons. So, a low level of AMH is a clear symptom of low ovarian reserve or less quantity of eggs.

LOW AMH : Is natural pregnancy with low levels of AMH possible?

Even with low AMH levels, you can get pregnant naturally, as AMH fluctuates every month during the menstruation cycle. Your low AMH level doesn’t mean low quality of eggs, it means less quantity of eggs and there are other ways to boost your fertility.

It is mostly seen that some females have decreased levels of AMH which is less than 0.7ng/ml. But almost 16% of these women were successful in getting pregnant within six menstrual cycles. However, the rest 84% of females have conceived within 12 menstrual cycles.

There are many other treatments like IVF for achieving natural pregnancy. Although, you may find it hard to get pregnant if your AMH levels fall below the low. In this case, make sure to consult a fertility expert regarding your fertility issue of low AMH.

Here are three important things you need to know about low AMH levels to worry less.

  • If you are under the age of 35 and experience all the fertility signs, then don’t worry about lower AMH levels much.

  • In some cases, the fertility doctor will prescribe you medications that will improve or prepare your body for secreting follicles that are of high quality according to your present age.

  • Finally, remember that a low AMH level does not mean that you have bad-quality eggs, it just means you have a lower quantity of eggs left in your ovaries.


AMH refers to ovarian reserve, in case you are finding it difficult to get pregnant with a low AMH level problem then IVF is the best option to achieve a natural pregnancy. To know more, call Santaan for promising IVF treatment.

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