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The pattern of Declining Fertility Rates in IVF

IVF Success Rates By Age

Why should you take IVF treatment without wasting time? Being an award-winning fertility center in Eastern India & Odisha, we have analyzed the correlation between age and IVF success rates for your better understanding. Here is a pattern of declining fertility rates. 

Explore success rates across age brackets:

1. IVF Success Rates Under 35:

   - Live births via IVF: 55.6%

   - Live births per first embryo transfer: 41.4%

   - Live births with later embryo transfer: 47%

2. IVF Success Rates 35 to 37:

   - Success rate: 40.8%

   - Live births per first embryo transfer: 31.6%

   - Live births for subsequent transfers: 44.7%

3. IVF Success Rates 38 to 40:

   - Success rate: 26.8%

   - First embryo transfer live births: 22.3%

   - Subsequent transfers live births: 40.9%

4. IVF Success Rates Over 40:

   - Success rate: 7%

   - Women under 42 have higher success rates

   - Many opt for donor eggs for improved pregnancy success

5. IVF Age Limit:

   - There are success stories about women above 40 getting pregnant, however, at the age of 40 or above fertility declines dramatically

   - Ovarian failure or menopause may signal the end

   - Alternatives include surrogacy, egg donation, or adoption

6. Why IVF Success Decreases with Age:

   - Lower number and reduced quality of eggs

   - Poor embryo quality impacting implantation chances

7. Diminishing Ovarian Reserve:

   - Egg quality and quantity decline in the 30s, more after 40

   - Low ovarian reserve decreases pregnancy chances

8. Poor Embryo Quality:

   - Higher risk of miscarriage or failure with lower-quality eggs

9. Other Factors Impacting IVF Success Rates:

   - Number of IVF cycles influences success

   - Individual fertility issues (low sperm count, poor egg quality)

   - Lifestyle factors (quitting smoking, maintaining a healthy weight)

10. IVF Success Rates with Donor Eggs:

    - Research indicates 70-80% Success

    - Donor eggs offer healthier, transferable embryos

Final Word

At Santaan, we have experienced fertility specialists who are experts in performing the IVF process and can assist you in discovering parenthood. If conventional IVF has posed challenges, consider egg donation for enhanced success. Contact Santaan for a consultation, where our success rates with IVF outcomes are remarkable. Our dedicated team of fertility experts and gynecologists will be with you at every step. Contact us to know more and take action closer to your dream of becoming a parent.

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