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It always seems impossible until it's done

IVF Solutions re-imagined & re-defined


Done differently at Santaan...

Increased yield

Thanks to our indigenous oocyte concentration technology that provides 100% concentration


Decreased blood

Pressure controllable ovum pickup needle minimizes blood collection during follicular fluid collection hence lesser trauma and faster recovery post oocyte pick up intervention (OPU)


Increased number of embryos

Our screen kr, QA/QC protocols and semi automated CL-ICSI and sperm selection technologies help achieve highest possible number of embryos per patients


Improved success rate

Thanks to our OVA kr technology to allow us not only oocyte quality diagnosis during ICSI but also helps in prediction and selection of embryos and thereby increases the success rate drastically

As a couple, you get

Improved Success Rate and Objectivity of IVF


Improved informed decision for women fertility preservation

Capable of Comparing Oocyte Quality & Success Rates

Want to replicate this experience?

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