Things you should know about IVF Treatment

Things you should know about IVF Treatment


Things you should know about IVF Treatment

Infertility is not new, rather it has become more common today. According to research one in every five couples are affected by infertility. However, In vitro fertilisation (IVF) has emerged as a bright star in modern fertility treatments, delivering favourable results in even the most difficult cases of infertility.  

  • Age matters 

When considering IVF treatment, the younger you are, the higher you have the chances of conceiving or higher chances of successful cycle.

  • There may be a requirement for more than one cycle

IVF is a popular fertility treatment, but everything comes with a risk. It’s possible that you’ll need more than one cycle to get pregnant. Chances of success are always improving as new techniques and processes are developed. However, the outcome of an IVF cycle is dependent on a number of uncertain conditions.

  • Discipline is important

IVF is an advanced treatment process which needs a lot of patience. A treatment cycle can last between 15 and 17 days, but the outcome of pregnancy will not appear until 4-5 weeks, following stimulation.

  • Yes you can have multiple pregnancies

An IVF cycle might lead to multiple conceptions if more than one embryo is implanted in the uterus. It’s a fine decision to talk to your doctor about your worries, just so you can strike a balance between a successful IVF cycle and low multiple gestation risks.

  • IVF doesn’t give you 100% guarantee

IVF is a modern infertility treatment that involves combining an egg and a sperm cell in a closely controlled environment and delivering the emerging embryo to the uterus for implantation. The method is well-known for producing outstanding results all across the world. However, it is crucial to know that IVF treatment does not always guarantee success.

Regardless of how long IVF treatment takes, it is worth the wait and investment. It  increases the likelihood of conception and ensures a healthy baby.