Coping with Stress During Infertility


Stress can make your parenthood journey even more difficult

Humans are biologically connected to procreate. And something that is supposed to be so natural, and does not work, makes you feel frustrated. Yes, Infertility makes you feel “less than” or “other than” because your body has failed you. 

Did you know, one out of every six couples in India face infertility issues. A recent report by the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction has specified that up to 14 percent of the Indian population is affected with reduced fertility levels. However, Infertility is still seen as a big taboo in India. Unwanted taunts from family, friends etc for starting a family is never ending.

It’s okay, if you are having a hard time conceiving, you are not alone in this. According to a research conducted in 2018, it is stated that people experiencing stress during the phase of infertility are exactly similar to people coping with major diseases such as cancer, HIV, and chronic pain.

To reduce such levels of stress and anxiety you should focus on your mind and body and bring a calmer perspective to your life.

Follow these 5 steps to cope with your stress during infertility.

  • Accept your feelings: First, you need to accept what you are feeling is completely normal. Going through multiple tests for infertility, counselling for the same can be draining sometime. Accept the situation as it is and keep on trying.

  • Keep a journal: Writing your thoughts can help you know things you didn’t even think of and the best part about journaling is, it will never judge you no matter what.

  • Take a break: If you are trying for a long time to conceive, please take a break with your partner, it will help you connect more with the situation and the partner and help you deal more wisely.

  • Get Moving: Exercise is wonderful for releasing good endorphins, and it can make us feel happy and make it easier to cope with what’s going on in our lives.

  • Stay away from bad habits: Be kind with your body. Extreme use of Tobacco, drug, and alcohol can cause infertility, as well as give you stress and anxiety. It is therefore important to quit while trying to get pregnant and conceiving, as it can have adverse effects on the mother as well as on the child.