Going through a fertility treatment can be a rather overwhelming experience. You will come to face a variety of emotions, from joy to excitement and grief to disappointment.( counselling for IVF) It could all be quite strenuous on your physical and mental health. So, to help you handle these emotions better, here at Santaan we offer you specialized Counselling, who will help you through every emotion, be it of success or disappointment.

Santaan’s supportive counselling for IVF in odisha could help with:

  • Preparing for fertility treatment, and making decisions about your treatment
  • Impact on relationships,
  • Coping with unsuccessful treatment cycles and/or pregnancy losses,
  • Coping with emotions around other people’s pregnancies, births and children,
  • Talking about how your family, friends and colleagues behave or react,
  • Specific concerns related to donor treatment cycles, or feelings of anxiety or loss of control.

Our comprehensive and confidential counselling service is provided to all patients undergoing infertility treatment, including those considering IVF and past patients who’d like further support.

How can counselling help?

In counselling it is possible to talk through our feelings about our infertility and its treatment; its success or failure – as well as other things that are happening in our lives which are causing us stress and distress. Expressing painful feelings can often help to relieve the pain and we can feel less alone, less burdened.

It is not a weakness to talk about how bad we feel at times, to grieve openly for what we’ve lost. In fact, it is positive and healthy and can actually reduce our stress levels.

Counselling allows us to do this in a safe environment where you will never be judged or thought silly. And it is confidential. Counselling is a positive process, aimed at increasing your power and sense of control while you are going through a treatment program that can so often make you feel powerless and out of control. It can be a way of taking care of yourself while undergoing treatment at Santaan, and the medical team actively encourages couples to do this.

Couples who are infertile and who are coping with the trauma of treatment are dealing with loss – often more loss than many people have to deal with in a lifetime. The counselling process can help people to work through their grief, help them to mourn their loss and begin to find new ways forward.

Dietician and Nutrition Counselling


A good diet is a combination of balance and common sense. You should ensure you are eating at least five servings of fruit and vegetables per day and preferably 8-10 servings for vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants. Here is a list of food groups that you need to consider while planning your meal for the day:

  • FruitCounselling for IVF in Odisha
  • Vegetables
  • Proteins (chicken, oily fish & dried beans)
  • Grains (Bread, cereals, rice, pasta etc)
  • Dairy Foods which contain calcium (Milk, cheese & Yogurt)

An important point to remember is that anything in excess is bad for health. Measured and balanced portions are the key to a good diet.Dietician and Nutrition Counselling.

Foods to Avoid

There are always some food items that  make maintaining overall wellness more difficult. You will want to limit your intake or simply avoid the following as you undergo fertility treatment:

  • Fast food
  • Junk food
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Coffee and other caffeinated drinks
  • Soft drinks
  • Artificial sweeteners

Maintaining a good diet,Dietician and Nutrition Counselling is one of the foremost requirements for a successful fertility treatment. In addition to the above mentioned food items, you should also include intake of vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E etc., in your diet,Dietician and Nutrition Counselling.