Seeing a fertility specialist does not always mean that you need IVF

fertility specialist

Although, infertility these days is a common condition affecting 1 in 6 couples. Despite this, it is still a taboo.(fertility specialist) The most common sign of infertility is not conceiving a baby within a year of having unprotected intercourse, and this affects couples mentally, financially, and most importantly socially. As a result, they automatically become distant from people to avoid the topic “children.” However, ‘see a fertility doctor’ is one of the most given suggestions apart from Pooja and worshipping.  

However, the word, “IVF” freaks out a couple more easily. Many people feel they are suffering from very serious and embarrassing problems. However, not conceiving could be a sign of infertility but most infertility issues are treatable with medication or other treatments other than just IVF, but only, if you check with a fertility expert immediately. Not everyone needs IVF and some just need consultation and medication. It depends on your age and diagnosis. 

There are many other treatments too. It’s a myth that IVF treatment is the only way if you are not conceiving. In fact, it is just one of the miracles offered at the clinic which is considered only when nothing works. 

Fertility experts or fertility doctors will find and analyse the cause and reason for infertility by tracking your history and performing a couple of blood tests and scans. Most importantly, both male and female partners need fertility testing before starting any treatment or assuming that problem must be in a female partner. According to WHO, approximately 50% of infertility cases are due to the “male factor”. As per the cause or reason behind infertility, there are multiple treatment options available for male and female both. 

There are certain fertility-enhancement surgeries too, which boost the chances of getting pregnant. They may vary from painless procedures in which there is no need for anaesthesia to daycare procedures to laparoscopic incisions requiring 2-3 days of admission in the clinic or hospital.

Hence, for every cause of infertility, IVF treatment is not required! You can conceive with certain medicines or treatments only.