SaiScan – Science for Smile


Our Mission

  • Non invasive & portable & battery powered
    • can reach last mile
    • Suitable for screening as the most effected population is rural based
  • AI powered
    • provides evidence via decision support as well as suggestion for next step
    • Surveillance compliant with automatic reporting
  • Minimal Skill / training needed : Can be operated by paramedics to health workers
    • Can reach last mile as well in-expensive

Current System Desired System
  • Sick Care
    • Treatment and Rehabilitation
    • Prevention is neglected
  • Patient has to go to hospital, mostly in cities
    • In-Accesible
  • Dependent on complex equipment and skilled technicians
    • Expensive
  • Health Care
    • Promotion and Prevention
    • Screening & Early diagnosis
  • At patient’s doorstep and convenience
    • Accessible
  • AI makes evidence, with minimal skill need
    • Affordable

Our Services

SaiScan – Breast Cancer Screening

Early detection won’t be accessible anytime soon.

Need last mile reach and operation


Thermalytix .. Physiological marker


  • No radiation
  • No touch
  • Portable
  • Earliest identification
  • AI powered
  • Remote reporting

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SaiScan – Cervial Cancer Screening

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SaiScan – Diabetics Retinopathy Screening

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SaiScan – High Risk Pregnancy Screening


  • Comprehensive solutions focused on fetal well-being and parental assurance
  • Simple to use and wirelessly communicates with any smartphone (iOS/Android) via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Medical-grade, clinically validated fetal heart rate monitor mainly for home use.
  • Accurate, user-friendly, safe and affordable.

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