YourStory features Santaan

YourStory featured Santaan recently in its Startup Bharat and also wrote about Santaan’s new Fertilite product and our vision and capabilities. Check out the feature here.

Santaan YourStory

Here is a snippet from the story.

“Fertility and reproductive health in India have mostly been understood as a private affair, something which cannot be discussed in public, resulting in neglect to some extent. Bhubaneswar-based Santaan is aimed at making people more aware of their fertility health and make fertility care accessible to all.”

And a quote:

Infertility is a big issue and there is a challenge in the supply of quality infertility care in, Tier II, III, and IV cities. We launched Santaan to address this challenge,” Raghab, Founder and CEO of Santaan, tells YourStory.

StartupSnapshot Santaan