How to talk to your partner about infertility


Expressing your emotions can help you better reach your parenthood journey

Infertility is tough and we all know it. The worst part, understanding between couples doesn’t matter, it is anyway going to affect your relationships. Yes! It gets tough to even talk to parents, best friends and the most difficult is to talk to your partner. But couples need to understand that they need each other in this difficult phase, like other phases of life. Talking to each other helps increase understanding of the situation more positively.

Suffering from Infertility? Having trouble in having a conversation with your partner, consider these points: 

  • Try focusing on the facts
    Make sure you and your partner are on the same page, as fertility and fertility treatment can be misinterpreted easily. Always have a conversation about the options available.

  • Consider ‘WE’ in the conversation
    Never think you are alone discussing the concerns of infertility. Whenever you try to start a conversation about infertility with your partner, always remember you BOTH are trying to conceive, so frame your thoughts as ‘WE’.

  • Keeping secrets is not fun
    Keeping the fact that you are infertile from your spouse will only add to the problems and pressure in your relationship. It’s better to tell your partner in advance so that there are more options available for better treatment and it will strengthen your relationship.

  • Distract yourself
    Whether it’s good cuisine, yoga, a vacation, or simply sitting at home watching your favourite films, spend time with your partner. Recognise that you will both be under different stresses and that you will need to depend on one other from time to time.

Lastly, understand

Infertility does not imply a failed relationship; regardless of how long you have been trying to conceive and failing, your relationship is not defined by infertility, and you should never let infertility come between you and your partner.