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IVF pregnancy is definitely different from normal pregnancy but it helps you have a natural and healthy baby. IVF is a medical help to overpass the problem with your reproductive health and places a fertilised egg with male sperm in the female’s womb. IVF is not artificial but an external help.

When someone is suffering from major infertility or reproductive health problems then IVF is the best option to have a baby. In other words, it depends on the type of infertility and person to person.

Trouble Conceiving A Child? You Are Not Alone.

Infertility can be classified into two types: primary and secondary. A couple that has never been able to conceive is said to have “primary infertility.”. When a couple has previously had a pregnancy but then failed to conceive, it is referred to as secondary infertility. Primary infertility affects the majority of infertile couples across the world.

When it comes to fertility treatment, try to stick with only one fertility expert, as fertility treatment is not only a treatment but an emotional journey. However, if you have any other problems like BP, thyroid, etc., then would be suggested to check with a specialist related to your problem.

Having a child itself is a blessing be it through IVF or through natural pregnancy. Research has shown IVF babies are just as healthy as normal pregnancy babies. More than a million healthy babies have been born since IVF started. 

Don’t believe in myths about infertility. If you are having trouble conceiving, check with a fertility specialist today.

Men also have hormonal problems, however, men may have different hormonal issues than women because they have different endocrine organs and cycles.

Yes, you may have twins, but it is not necessarily the same for everyone. Because it all relies on the person’s age and the number of embryos transplanted. Technology has improved to the point where it is now considered how many embryos have been transplanted in order to reduce the likelihood of multiple pregnancies.

Approximately, 15% of infertile couples are diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Unexplained infertility mostly includes issues with poor egg or poor sperm quality or issues with the uterus or fallopian tubes that aren’t identifiable during usual fertility testing.

Patients should go directly for IVF when the chances of pregnancy with other fertility treatments are low but nearly higher with IVF. Factors of considering IVF also include moderate to severe endometriosis, fallopian tube damage, more than mild male infertility, and pelvic adhesions.

It completely depends on an individual’s body. So if you have your first child via IVF check with your fertility specialist to know about your reproductive health to have a second IVF baby in future.

There are many reasons behind delayed pregnancy or not getting pregnant. Male and female infertility could be the reason behind it. To know about the cause of not getting pregnant, get in touch with Santaan…

If it’s been 12 months since you are trying to conceive and failed to get pregnant then you or your partner definitely need to know your overall reproductive health performance through fertility tests. This helps you to understand the problem and its treatment to become a parent.

Yes, due to many health issues infertility could occur. However, it completely depends on the person and the health issue they going through. The success rate depends on the person’s problem and body.

If you trying to conceive then you should try during the ovulation time. Ovulation is a time when there are high chances of getting pregnant. Therefore, tracking your ovulation while trying to conceive is most important.

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