Egg freezing vs Embryo freezing: Which is more beneficial?

egg freezing

Women were always independent and with time they have become more independent than ever. However, their biological clock doesn’t wait for them. But, certain new technologies exist that can help them focus on their career, education, and relationships and ultimately allow them to decide whenever they want to start their family without any stress.

Advanced technologies have helped women become more independent by choosing their right to conceive whenever they want to, by the process of fertility preservation.

The only difference between Egg freezing and Embryo freezing is, EMBRYO FREEZING requires sperm.

If a woman chooses to freeze her eggs, her eggs will get extracted from her body and will be frozen for future use and in embryo freezing the eggs will get fertilised with sperm before and then freeze for future use.

Which is more beneficial?

To decide which is more beneficial depends on the needs of the woman or couple at that point of time. 

If you are single and don’t have a partner right now or are not sure about your current partner, egg freezing is the best option for you. As a couple who have decided that they will first focus on their career and other life goals, then for them, embryo freezing is the best option.

Furthermore, freezing eggs is an easier way for the future if a female decides not to use the saved eggs. However, many women may face a moral dilemma if they kill a frozen embryo. On the contrary, removing unfertilized frozen eggs is simpler. 

One thing to keep in mind, egg freezing  will give you more power to make your own decision in the future.

Lastly, whatever process you decide be it egg freezing or embryo freezing. These technologies will help you reach your parenthood journey whenever you wish to and will make your life much easier.