About Santaan

Santaan’s vision is to make personalised fertility care accessible to common mass. Fertility solutions and research have seen tremendous advancement in recent decade. However many of the works have been conducted in European, Australian and American population. At Santaan our aim is to imbibe the recent advances, study the local demographic patterns and innovate a personalised approach in using the recent advances for the patient base we serve thereby bringing in better accuracy, affordability and better patient experience.

We intend to do research in following segments (not limited to these)

1. Epidemiological Study of population presenting with infertility. The demographics, socio economic profile, Co- morbidities,  habits etc which will lead to better population health  promotion and prevention approach.

2. Mobile Health: The availability of mobile phone in patients hands is seen as an effective tool in health management. We are studying the disruptive ways of providing patients health promotion(educational apps and content) , health prevention (life style modification), health provision (drug reminder system, patient record, appointment scheduling and reminder etc). We have implemented few solutions in this regard and aim to continue working in this direction.

3. ART methodologies and advances: The last decade has seen very good work and development in ART technologies. At Santaan we will not be keeping abreast with the advancement as well conducting health technology assessment of these techniques. This when published  is going to help future generations to adapt and learn new methodologies.

4. Health Experience Design: Health is a personal and cultural aspect in our part of the world. We constantly engage in studies to understand socio cultural factors that influence the healthcare experience. This helps design better healthcare experience for the patients.

At Santaan we are passionate on doing primary research through best in class scientific staff,  document and analyse our results, spread the knowledge through regular cme to augment capacity and above all use all the research outcomes for better patient care.